On the Topic of Whisky Delivery by Christmas 🥃

Marlene Steiner

Hello fellow whisky enthusiasts! 👋

We use FedEx as our licensed alcohol shipper. And they’ve been a great partner for us this year. Many of you have seen that first hand, getting your whisky in the mail within days of ordering. Whisky delivery is fun!

However, this is a reminder that December 15th was the deadline that FedEx gave us for your packages to arrive by Christmas.

It’s now December 16th. That deadline is now behind us, and we’re getting some icy weather today here in Virginia. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Ice and snowy weather makes for great whisky sipping weather. 🎉

But not great delivery weather.

You throw in COVID and the general increase in ecommerce activity this year, and you have a lot of people working around the clock doing their best to make deliveries happen.

This is also our first year where we’re allowed to ship whisky direct-to-consumer. It’s been a complete blast! So far, we’re proud to say we’ve been able to keep up with the demand.

Shipping alcohol comes with additional considerations. Someone must be home to sign for the package. If you’re sending whisky to a loved one and they don’t know to expect it, the package might not be delivered if they’re not around to answer the door.

All that out of the way, we’re still packing and shipping whisky as orders come in. We’ll do our best to get your orders in the mail ASAP, weather pending of course (many of us are working remotely today at the time of this writing, December 16th).

So feel free to continue to order from us. But consider visiting your local ABC store. Or if you’re in central Virginia, come visit us for a curbside pickup (we’re here 9am to 5pm during the week).

And be courteous to your delivery drivers. They’re up to their eyeballs in packages. 💙

If you have any questions for us regarding delivery, an order you’ve placed, or just want to chat whisky, email us at We have a dedicated team here ready to help you!

Cheers and be well. 🥃