Courage & Conviction The Draftsmen

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Courage & Conviction The Draftsmen

Courage & Conviction - The Draftsmen: A bespoke marriage of American Single Malt Whiskies hand-picked by you.

George Moore, Jim Swan, and Harry Cockburn gazed at the majesty of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains and dreamed of building a world-class distillery. A businessman, a chemist, and an engineer, respectively, drafted their vision of the future and created America’s Most Award-Winning Single Malt. Celebrate these Draftsmen by drafting your own unique Single Malt Whisky. The Draftsmen is a bespoke American Single Malt Whisky experience.

Order Instructions:

Step 1: Create a custom, unique ratio of single malt, using our core single malt whiskies that have been finished in Bourbon Casks, Cuvée Red Wine Casks and Sherry Casks

Step 2: Ensure the ratio is in increments of 10%

Step 3: To help us customize your label, please detail your name + ratio of whiskies (reminder to keep whiskies in increments of 10%)

Step 4: Place order

Step 5: Wait for our team to custom blend your whisky, custom label, and ship direct to you

Craftsmanship takes time, please allow us to prepare your custom order. This will be a multi-week procurement of your order – we promise we’re working on it!

For questions on the status of your order, please reach out to

Disclaimer: We cannot ship to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Utah.